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Correct typing posture

Before you start typing, be sure to sit properly. Standard correct typing posture on the body body parts of the health has an important protective role, if you sit in front of the computer for a long time every day, then some bad posture will bring great harm to your body, and also have a great impact on the typing speed. The correct sitting posture should be.
1. The screen and keyboard should be in front of you, should not let the neck and wrist is in the oblique state.
2. The center of the screen should be lower than the level of your eyes, the screen should be at least an arm's length from the eyes.
3. To sit straight, do not half suit, half lie down, do not let your body sit in an incorrect position.
4. Thighs should be kept parallel to the front arm as much as possible.
5. Hands, wrists and elbows should be kept in a straight line.
6. Feet easily and smoothly placed on the floor or foot pad.
7. Typing materials or manuscripts on the left side of the keyboard, or with a special clip, clip next to the monitor. Eyes on the manuscript when typing, the body should not follow the tilt.
8. The brightness and contrast of the monitor should be adjusted to the degree of clarity but not harsh to the eyes.
9. Take a break at the right time.